Upcoming Exhibits

Surge The Museum of Northwest Art together with the Skagit Climate Science Consortium(SC2) will host Surge, an exhibition designed to draw attention to climate change and its impact on Northwest’s coastal communities. I will be expanding on my previous work Silent Salinity to create a large scale installation at the museum.  October 6, 2018 – January 7, 2019

Groundswell is a solo show at METHOD Gallery Sept 14-Oct 27, 2018. I will be creating an immersive installation with video mapping on the windows. The show is in conjunction with Borealis Festival of Light.

KISS FEAR Poetry, sculpture, video and performance meld to tell the saga of gun culture. In this rendition, Holly Ballard Martz, Deborah Faye Lawrence, Daemond Arrindell, and myself take an intimate look down the barrel – contemplating gun rights, the loss of life, and the search for healing in touching, powerful and sometimes darkly humorous ruminations on America’s weapon of choice. Fall quarter at Edmonds Community College Gallery.  View the artzone video here

Cornish Arts Incubator Residency

A collaborative journey with Daemond Arrindell, Anastacia Renee Tolbert and Dani Tirrell will be initiated at the Alhadeff Theater in January 2018.

We ascribe to the belief that joy is a state of mind: an intentional choice of empowerment, not in spite of our identities, but as a celebration of them. We see joy as a form of resistance and transformation, against what our capitalistic society has taught us. But how do we engage it? How do we reach this state of mind, intentionally? As artists we asked ourselves these questions and the conclusions that arose focused on digging into our intersectional identities. We plan to undertake a journey together to explore the critical, historical and personal metaphors inspired through the lens of water. We will experiment with how these ideas can be expressed within a permutation of written and performed poetry, dance, and visual art. Our intention is to explore water as a vehicle for joy and transformation.