Upcoming Exhibitions

Coming in 2022

I’m excited to announce two solo shows in 2022

I’ll be celebrating Women’s History Month in March by installing my feminist artwork at Vashon Center for the Arts. This will be the first time all of my bronze work with an underlying feminist theme will be exhibited at once.

The Beautiful Bellevue College Gallery re-opens in 2022 after closure due to the pandemic. My exhibit Witness will open mid year.

Like Mother tours to the White River Valley Museum in Auburn. This thoughtful group show explores Mother Daughter relationships through the work of artists.

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Like Mother at Vashon Center for the Arts

Traces is a story of life, lineage, & loss. Starting with my daughters, this work traces my female lineage and gives voice to the lost identities of my foremothers. Covering more than 175 linear feet, the maiden names spiral backwards. Each name lost in marriage are honored here as in a family journal. The shadows cast, like the names themselves are ethereal. Like chasing shadows, or chasing ghosts, each name is but the name of a father.
Traces 2021; steel;  48”x48”x4″. Sold

Here is a 3D virtual tour of the Like Mother exhibit at the Vashon Center for the Arts curated by Kelly Lyles.

Witness at Aljoya Thornton Place through May 8

I’m using the hat as a period icon to examine the female experience in the 20th century to speak to the 21st century. I’ve been interviewing Elderly women at Aljoya Thornton whose timeless stories resonate today. They are featured in Witness on exhibit at the Residence Gallery. These women have seen so much change yet in other ways so little. Thanks 4culture for an Artist Project Grant for this work and to curator Anna Macrae for coordinating.

upcoming exhibition

Ghost Timbre, Jack Straw Cultural Center Seattle, 2021

Timbre/Timber, a Podcast with Alma Mater, Tacoma, WA 2021

Ghost Timbre and Ghost Log Public Art Installations Dedication spring 2021

WSAC Art Commission Surge at Bainbridge Island High School, June 2021

Treasure Stone, KCHA Public Art Commission, White Center, WA May 2021

Secrets and Other Stories, 21st Annual Arts in Nature Festival, Seattle, June 20-21, 2020. cancelled due to Covid

Guest Artist: Conversations

Opening November 7th

Taking off the Gloves

J. Rinehart Gallery presents an exhibition of artwork in conversation. Featuring new works by Jaq Chartier, Katy Stone, Maggie Jiang, and guest artists Hernan Paganini and Mary Coss. On View in the gallery from November 7 – December 19, 2020.

Stay tuned! I’ll be taking part in the upcoming live-streamed Conversations.

“With a unique mix of materials, imagery and techniques, this exhibition combines the works of seemingly different artists in the same visual space, creating a new conversation between the works and the viewer as they interact.

Mary Coss’ bronze gloves paired with Meggan Joy’s digitally collaged floral hand gestures speaks to feminine ideals and modern strength within the rich symbolic nature of our hands. Joy’s fleeting floral collages flow into Katy Stone’s works on aluminium as her silhouettes of flora dance off the wall.”

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

Groundswell exhibiting in “Departures and Arrivals” June 29-October 6, 2019
A group exhibit at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art
photo detail Ian Lewis.

“BIMA offers an “intense session in art vocabulary” with this group exhibition focusing on the artists’ idiosyncratic approaches to abstraction. The roster is intriguing, ranging from textile artist Jono Vaughan to ecologically focused Mary Coss to UW professor and painter Denzil Hurley.” The Stranger recommended

Silent Salinity: after the dig. 950 Gallery

Artifacts from the ruins What Remains have been catalogued and are now on view at 950

January 10 – February 21, 2019. Art and science meld in salt encrusted artifacts, a dystopian landscape, poetics of language and video projection in the new exhibit at 950Gallery in Tacoma. 

“I use the language of metaphor to examine contemporary issues. Silent Salinity explores the relationship between water, global warming and culture. Through a two-year partnership with spatial ecologist Roger Fuller, I examined the dangerously increased salinity levels encroaching on local estuaries, and on consequently our freshwater re-sources. The work in this show is inspired by these conversations and resulted in telling the story symbolically through the medium of salt.” 

Art + Sci Salon : Mary Coss & Roger Fuller
February 7, 6 – 8PM at the Tacoma Art Museum

Surge at Museum of Northwest Art

Surge     October 6, 2018-January 6, 2019    ​

Artist/Scientist Panel January 5

Cohost: Skagit Climate Science Consortium  and  Museum of Northwest Art

Artists and Scientists collaborate on Artwork about Global Warming.  Surge, an exhibition designed to draw attention to climate change and its impact on Northwest’s coastal communities, provides the forum for artists together with environmental researchers and educators to present the public with new perspectives on issues such as flooding, sea level rise and storm surge.

Working in partnership with Eco Scientist Roger Fuller, we’ve explored the effect of Climate Change on Salinity Levels in local estuaries, and consequently the impact on the flora and fauna.  I am exhibiting three installations in this show that tell this story through the medium of salt. Roger and I will be part of an artist panel to discuss the collaborations, the science and the art. 

Artist Scientist Panel  Saturday, January 5, 2019 at 3:30 PM – 5 PM

Museum of Northwest Art 121 1st St, La Conner, Washington 98257.

TENACIOUS  August/September 2018 SUZANNE ZAHR GALLERY  Mercer Island Contemporary artists featuring  interpretations of “the feminine.”

Shift Invitational Exhibit  Aug 2-25  w/ Ed McCarthy 312 S Washington St.  First Thursday opening August 2



LIKE MOTHER (like Daughter) Aljoya Thornton Place  June 2-Sept 9, 2018



Boxed In


San Francisco curated by Kirk Stoller

“Wording” features the work of artists who combine fragments of written language with the potentials of visual experience.  By creating a dialog of work by Seattle based artist Mary Coss, NYC based artist Soledad Arias, NYC based artist Maria Vasconcelos, Bay Area artists Maria Porges and the late Susan O’Malley, “wording” hopes to offer a touch of antidote to the cynicism, suspicion, and numbness caused by this overwhelming circumstance.

Nevertheless, We Persist

For Margaret Sangers FaithAn exhibit about Reproductive Freedom  February 21-April 1.   Columbia City Gallery  Opening Artist Reception Saturday, February 24th from 5-7pm

NARAL Event and Meet the Artists   Sunday, March 18th from 5-7pm

Over 100 years ago, Margaret Sanger created an organization that went on to be Planned Parenthood.  She believed that “No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her body.” Nine artists come together to explore the issue of reproductive freedom and its impact not only on individual women but on our nation.

Artists: Holly Ballard Martz, Ellen Berdinner, Sandi Bransford, Louise Britton, Mary Coss, Rosalie Frankel, Laurie Fronek, Sandi Goldstein, Ellen Hochberg, and Terra Holcomb


Community Art Show at Tacoma Art Museum

Like Mother, Like Daughter
January 10, 2018 – March 29, 2018
Opening Reception: March 15, 2018 from 5-7:30pm

Taken from the phrase “like mother, like daughter,” this group show features 22 multi-disciplinary artworks created by women in tribute to our moms (and mothers everywhere). Our moms were jet-setters, ballerinas, writers, debutantes, scientists, pioneers, etc. Some survived wars, mental-illness, racism – their stories are as fascinating as the art they inspired. The artist-daughters in this show share visual and written stories, deeply considering the personal yet universal themes about one of the most beautiful and complex relationships – mother to daughter.

Traces (detail above) is a story of cultural inheritance, life, lineage, & loss. This work gives voice to the lost identities of my foremothers. The maiden names of my ancestors, each lost in marriage and gone before its time, is honored here as in a family journal. Their shadows, like the names themselves are ethereal. Like chasing shadows, or chasing ghosts, each name is but the name of a father.Traces is a story of cultural inheritance, life, lineage, & loss. This work gives voice to the lost identities of my foremothers. The maiden names of my ancestors, each lost in marriage and gone before its time, is honored here as in a family journal. Their shadows, like the names themselves are ethereal. Like chasing shadows, or chasing ghosts, each name is but the name of a father.

www.tacomaartmuseum.org   1701 Pacific Ave Tacoma, WA

Chop Challenge

Happy to be part of the 5th Annual EILEEN FISHER Renew Chop Challenge

Columbia City Gallery November 15- January 7

“Innovative works by over 40 regional artists, including Janice Arnold, Mary Coss, Marita Dingus, Elizabeth Jameson, Patti King, Anna Mahar, and Junko Yamamoto

The artists have transformed damaged textiles into something entirely new, which embodies EILEEN FISHER’s commitment to being circular by design and addressing wastefulness in the fashion industry.”

Artists’ Reception, Saturday, November 18, 5-7pm 









What Would Betsy Ross Do? A New American Flag Project


Disunion is a welded wire flag with the 2nd Amendment written into the stripes. The red and blue thread stars barely hang onto the gauze, split in their sections with barbed wire surrounding the flag.

July 6, 2017 – July 29, 2017

ArtXchange  512 First Ave S  Seattle, WA 98104

This exhibit showcases creative reactions to the political climate of the United States. Seattle-based artist Margaret Chodos-Irvine imagined Betsy Ross, the creator of the iconic Stars and Stripes, conceiving a design for the American flag in 2017. This contemplation is the inspiration for the exhibit. Artists use the flag as subject matter, redesign it and embed their flags with new meaning. The exhibition is a range of reactions, resistance and the action of taking charge of one’s viewpoint and delivering it through art.

Featuring artists Mary Coss, Ann Boles, Benjamin George Filinson, Betz Bernhard, Carolyn Autenreith, Deborah Mersky, Dorit Ely, Ella Chodos-Irvine, Erin Shigaki, Hawo Ali, Holly Ballard Martz, Jean Hicks / Jeanne Hearn / Jennifer Kennard / Josie Iselin / Julie Paschkis, Juliette Delfs, Kathy Bennett, Kieren Dutcher, Laura Sinai, Mare Blocker, Margaret Bovingdon, Margaret Chodos-Irvine, Nina Crocker & Ravenna Resistance Flag group and Suzanne Uschold.





Three Graces at Matzke Fine Art and Design

I started weaving monumental skirts from 2000’ of barbed wire as our congressional representatives started to weave gender based limitations into our medical coverage. On top of the menacing skirts sit the seductive figures that reclaim their power and breathe a warning “KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF ME”

Sculpture Park 2345 Blanche Way, Camano Is., WA






ARTRUMPS Resistance and Action

Nevertheless, She PersistedBONFIRE Gallery 603 S Main St Seattle

Throughout history artists have lead the way using their work as a voice of dissent, protest and action for change. ARTRUMPS Resistance and Action presents artists in a variety of mediums, cultures and geographical locations, inspiring people with politically engaged artistic expression and points of view.The artists and the gallery are donating 50% of the sale of work to nonprofits of their choice, organizations working for justice, equality, resistance, legal support and change.