Episode 6 Cedar Moon Woman

Timber Lines by Mary Coss
Timber Lines
Episode 6 Cedar Moon Woman

Host Mary Coss’ Ghost Log sits on Coast Salish land, the traditional homelands of the the Puyallup Tribe of Indians. Connie McCloud is a Puyallup tribal member, and has been the Director of the Puyallup Culture Department for over twenty years. Coss and McCloud consider the Puyallup Tribe’s relationship to the natural environment and specifically, the sacred Cedar Tree. Contemplations of the Cedar Tree inspire conversations about the evolution of history and the commodification of the land.

Learn more about the Puyallup Tribe of Indians, the Culture department and canoe journeys.

In addition to the theme music, this episode includes several Salish songs written by Zalmai ʔəswəli Zahir for the preservation of the Twulshootseed Puget Salish Native American language. They include: Song for Us: This song refers to the language and culture; Celebration of Taking Our Shoes Off and Reestablishing Our Connection with Mother Earth; and Traveling Song (Intended for Land). You can access these songs and more here.