Bellevue College Resident Artist fall 2022

Residency: October 4 – 15  &  November 1 – 17

Sound the Siren Exhibition: November 17 – December 12

I am excited to start my new venture as Bellevue College Resident Artist! I am maintaining a dual purpose residency over the next 6 weeks. While I create artwork, I will host students in conversation about the concepts, inspiration and fabrication of the art and discuss the preparation for exhibition. These conversations will continue through to the exhibit. I look forward to working with students in the sociology, political science and art departments! I will also facilitate voter registration by providing interested students with a QR code, so that they can register online to vote.

I explore current topics and memory with a critical eye. I challenge our expectations and social norms in order to analyze their effects on our present state and to consider our future impact. Sound the Siren is artwork examining ideas of social justice. There are tendrils to civil rights, free speech, feminist ideology and a host of other topics. The work has a societal basis and generates conversation about history, empowerment, anger, empathy and integrity.