Can you hear me? 2020 Jack Straw Artist Support Program Residency!

Thank you Jack Straw Cultural Center!

My Artist Support Residency will support professional master sound recordings on my newest project. Ghost Timbre is a sound experience that will accompany my Public Art sculpture Ghost Log at Dickman Mill Park on Commencement Bay in Tacoma. The residency includes a public exhibit and a podcast. 

Ghost Timbre mixes historical sounds heard at Dickman Mill and its natural surroundings with interviews that speak to its history. These include stories from the Dickman family (previously recorded by Storycorp); interviews of Puyallup elders, documentation of a cedar gathering, tribal blessings and song; sound from a working vintage mill; worker interviews; logs splashing in water; sounds of the park’s wetland and native birds singing.  The soundtrack is accessed through a web link at the waterfront park and permanently hosted on the Metro Parks Tacoma website.

Alma Mater Tacoma has offered audio recording consultation, a public event, and a public exhibit in Milk Gallery.

A partnership with Eastside Community Center (Metro Parks) lends in kind support. Lonnie Perrin, sound engineer at The Center’s Billy Ray Shirley III Recording Studio, will help me record. Thank you partners for supporting the project!