I am just finishing up a new Public Artwork! My sculpture, Emerge, is based on an architectural column that contains a tree bursting from within. The site for the art is in an urban setting adjacent to a large park. The work addresses the duality of the built environment and nature, located at Piper development and inspired by the nearby tree groves of Marymoor Park. My intention in combining images of nature with architectural structure creates an unexpected experience that entices people to stop and consider the relationship between the two. The site named Piper takes its name from the Piper Willow, Salix drummondiana Hookeriana piperi, recently renamed Hookers Willow. With this renaming of the tree, I have added pods to the catkins,in the form of Forbidden Fruit. They are both cast in bronze. The sculpture is lit both inside and out, where it is uplit from its concrete seating base. It is nearing completion and will go into exterior storage near the site. Emerge will have a year of aging prior to installation in order to promote the development of the rusty patina natural to corten steel.