Up & Down, In & Out, Through

The artwork located in the commons of an Early Learning center makes use of materials from nature: stone, wood, and glass. The intent of the three stone pieces is to explore the concepts of through, in and out, and up and down.

“Through” is a stone bench which passes through the glass. The exterior stone floats and provides a cantilevered bench of shiny polished basalt. Inside, the carved maple seat provides a warm inviting place to sit.

“Up and Down” is a granite stone cut in half. The translucent glass life cycle sits up high while the “unscrewed” top of the rock sits down low. This unscrewed stone with the carved spiral in it lies where children can explore the carved recess. It invites exploration as the carving dives inward and spirals around. The landscape inspired glass mosaic contains hidden treasures for the children to discover.”In and Out” is a stone nest formed from Igneous River Rock, with a mix of basalt and granite. The smooth polished interior surface is in contrast to the raw exterior and is an invitation for children to climb in and peek out through the holes. The textural differences create an interesting contrast to observe and touch.

The children who attend this educare site come from 13 countries and speak 22 languages. The Semispheres of Africa, Asia, and the Americas were designed to celebrate this diverse community.  The cast glass panels are embedded in the floor and back lit.
Location : Educare School of Greater Seattle with Gates Foundation Funding
Collection: Puget Sound Educational Service District