Silent Salinity: after the dig. 950 Gallery

Artifacts from the ruins What Remains have been catalogued and are now on view at 950

January 10 – February 21, 2019. Art and science meld in salt encrusted artifacts, a dystopian landscape, poetics of language and video projection in the new exhibit at 950Gallery in Tacoma. 

“I use the language of metaphor to examine contemporary issues. Silent Salinity explores the relationship between water, global warming and culture. Through a two-year partnership with spatial ecologist Roger Fuller, I examined the dangerously increased salinity levels encroaching on local estuaries, and on consequently our freshwater re-sources. The work in this show is inspired by these conversations and resulted in telling the story symbolically through the medium of salt.” 

Art + Sci Salon : Mary Coss & Roger Fuller
February 7, 6 – 8PM at the Tacoma Art Museum