Silent Salinity published in Sporklet Press

The current issue of Sporklet Press features Silent Salinity: Net Loss as part of this months poetry review.

Poet and editor Rae Gouirand curated the issue and embraced the project. Gouirand and Coss spent time as Artists in Residents together at Willapa Bay AiR when the artwork was first in development. The photo left shows a detail of the salt encrusted wire text by Coss. The text is written as a journal entry by scientist Roger Fuller and contemplates the state of the estuaries. The issue includes the writing along with several reproductions of the large 10′ artwork, which references a fishing net.

Coss and Fuller took part in discussions regarding global warming and the rising salinity levels in the estuaries. Their three year exchange resulted in a large body of artwork featured in a series of four changing exhibits. You can read more about Silent Salinity here. Fuller currently heads up Stewardship at Padilla Bay Reserve.

Detail of Silent Salinity: Net Loss