Current Exhibits

The Process of Making, April 14-August 11 at Aljoya Mercer Island
Cross Pollination, July at Shift Gallery, with Karey Kessler

Outdoor Artworks at Dig Deep Gardens 19028 Vashon Hwy SW. Dig Deep is also part of this year’s Vashon Garden Art Tour June 22 & 23, 2024

Too Much to Carry,  with Mana Mehrabian in September at the Vestibule

Current Public Art Contracts

Port of Seattle at Fisherman’s Terminal coming 2025

Mind’s Eye at Greenbridge installing 2024

My poem written in bronze script and embedded in a park stairwell at King County Housing’s Greenbridge in Seattle speaks to leaving home.

Forbidden Fruit at Piper in Redmond installing summer 2024

Forbidden Fruit is an entry sculpture on an art trail at a new Redmond development adjacent to Marymoor Park. It transforms a column into a tree, in essence transforming the built environment into the natural environment. The cast bronze willow catkins are housed in podlike forbidden fruit honoring the namesake tree Hooker’s Willow. (the previous classification name was Piper’s Willow, the name of the development).

Past Exhibits

Like Mother,  at Kirkland Art Center March 22- April 27

Purple Like a Bruise, Jan- March 31 2024 at Flight Gallery San Antonio, TX   info here

The Fl!ght Gallery show Purple like a bruise juxtaposes the works of artists from Washington and Texas, two states that are often positioned on either end of a political spectrum described in terms of left and right or red and blue. The title refers to political columnist and anthropologist Sarah Kendzior’s statement, “the United States is not red or blue, it’s purple like a bruise.” The artworks explore issues that gravely impact the lives of U.S citizens, from gun violence, reproductive and LGBTQ rights, to war and climate change. Curated by Fl!ght Gallery founder Justin Parr, the show includes works by San Antonio-based artists Aaron Muñoz, Ed Saavedra, José Villalobos and Seattle-based artists, Casey Gregory, Sean Hennessy, Charles Mudede, Holly Ballard Martz, Mary Coss, Paul D McKee and Tommy Gregory. In the summer, the show travels to Seattle, Washington.

Left: Obelisk to 26,313 A memorial to the number of pregnancies resulting from rape in the state of Texas during the first 18 months after abortion was banned.  *Journal of American Medical Association

Time Capsule, February 24 – March 9 at the Vestibule

Surge  Oct 14, 2023 – Feb 17, 2024  Museum of Northwest Art

Fibonacci Footprint Feb 15- April 11 Bellevue College Gallery Space

Funded through Bellevue College Office of Sustainability, artists partnered with scientists and students to research and develop new artwork that explores a climate justice issue that considers both ecological and social ethics. Exhibit, curation and catalogue authorship.

All in All at Museum of Museums curated by Tommy Gregory opens April 13, 2023

Icosahedron at PublicDisplay: Gallery March 2- April 23 2023 at 805 First Ave Seattle

Choice Vashon Center for the Arts March 2023

you can virtually visit the gallery here

Sound the Siren

Bellevue College Resident Artist

Residency: Oct 4 – 15  &  Nov 1 – 17 2022

Sound the Siren Exhibition: Nov 17 – Dec 30

Gallery info here Resident info here