An opportunity to curate art for a new Annual Festival!

In October 2018 the Borealis Festival of Light will debut in Seattle. The featured event will be at the Museum of History and Industry on Lake Union for five nights, October 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14. An international showcase of videomapping on the MOHAI facade will be curated by Maxin10sity of Budapest, Hungary. This event will be free to the public and open to all ages.You can see examples of the work of Maxin10sity here:

Borealis will bring together artists and the technological world to create this inaugural, annual event in Seattle. I am thrilled to be invited to curate the art installations for this event. In addition to the video mapping we will have a combination of artistic light features that will be identified on a map that will guide you through the festival, or you can choose to join one of our guided tours.
Borealis Outpost
Borealis Outpost is a series of featured light installations created for the large plazas, parks, and water by local professional artists, in some instances partnering with creative technicians. There will also be an outpost at MadArt.
Borealis Aura
Borealis Aura is a group of artistic light installations that will be designed by local professional lighting designers.
Borealis Circuit
Two passageways meandering between buildings in the neighborhood will host a string of light art. There will be an open call for art, sculpture, and interactive installations that use light as a media for these throughways.
Borealis Perimeter
Borealis Perimeter is a series of sites around the city with light and projection based installations that will open a few weeks prior to the festival. We are looking to these events to draw attention and build interest in the festival, to launch it. They include sites such as Fantagraphics in Georgetown and METHOD Gallery in Pioneer Square.
There will also be performances and music.